Hello and Welcome

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

So a bit about me first, I’m a full time mother, wife, teacher, leader and everything in between!  I love working with other teachers and leaders, sharing ideas and practice and being able to talk about everything that I have learnt on my teaching journey so far, things I wish I had known in those early days (years).

I have been very lucky in my career so far. In my second year of teaching I joined the most supportive primary school I could have ever asked for. A school that trusted me, challenged me, inspired me and motivated me to be the best that I could be. A school that believed in me (even through my many mistakes), always exposed me to quality CPD sessions, gave me time (where possible) to find my way and supported my ambition vision to achieve more and learn more. I have been an Early Years teacher, KS1 teacher, LKS2 teacher, subject leader, middle leader, senior leader, specialist leader of education for phonics, teaching school coordinator and trainer and now an assistant head! To be honest, I still do most of these roles now!

I decided to start writing this blog following a number of successful reviews on TES for my planning resources and requests for more, positive CPD events I had led, school to school support sessions that have had significant impact and requests from other teachers out there who like me, don’t believe in reinventing the wheel but in working collaboratively and sharing. I mostly started writing because I hear so many stories from ambitious fellow teachers who know their professional development needs but have little or no support in school or who struggle to get time out of school due to cover and staffing issues, the sad reality of today’s schools!

Teaching is hard! Every year it feels like we are expected to do even more in less time and that expectations and goal posts are constantly changed or moved. It can also feel like for much of the time we are just jumping through hoops to please others depending on where we are in our journey as a school. Following some inspirational training I attended recently, I realised that sometimes we need to just stop and re-focus our thinking and purpose. We don’t need to keep changing and re-inventing, we just need to be secure in ourselves, your practice, our teaching and learning and our rationale and vision behind why we do what we do! We need to be confident!

This blog aims to provide helpful teaching and learning resources, CPD, subject knowledge support and advice from one busy teacher to another. It will focus on mainly Early Years, KS1, LKS2, senior and subject leadership, Phonics and the Curriculum from the perspective of a teacher, leader and parent.

I really hope you enjoy reading this blog.  I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. All my resources can be found on my TES page ‘The Teaching and Learning Nook’. Please get in touch via my contact page with any requests or questions.

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